Livivos Invited to Present at the 2022 American Diabetes Association HealthTech Showcase

Livivos to present at the ADA’s 27th Annual Leaders Forum HealthTech Showcase in San Mateo, CA, Nov. 4, 2022.

Leaders Forum was originally organized in 1995, by three prominent medical technology executives to address the societal impact of diabetes. The event grew as time went on and expanded to include a Health Technology Showcase.

The event takes advantage the unique environment of innovation in Silicon Valley by connecting early-stage start-ups with venture capitalists and advisors. The proceeds of the event benefit the American Diabetes Association.

The Leaders Forum event will be held in-person at the San Mateo Marriott on November 4th.

Livivos will present its novel Point-of-Care liver disease diagnosis modality, which is promising to transform how the disease is detected, graded, and managed. The innovative approach meets the fast-growing demand for accurate, rapid, and affordable diagnosis of NAFLD and NASH. LiverScope® is aiming to significantly streamline drug efficacy trials as well as increase the availability of accurate diagnostics.